However, no single definition of truth about which scholars agree,
and numerous theories of truth continue to be widely debated.
Differing opinions exist on such questions as what constitutes truth,
how to define and identify truth, what roles do revealed and acquired
knowledge play,
and whether truth is subjective, relative, objective,
or absolute. This article introduces the various perspectives and
.Linguistic expression that will often request information in
the form of an answer.
Several kinds of questions can be formulated.
For example, one may say that a question is the request itself, and an
interrogative sentence merely expresses it.
Questions can also
resemble 'requesting expressions' as well as commands normally being
used to elicit a response.
Indeed some expressions, such as "Would you
pass the butter?",
have the grammatical form of questions but function
as requests for action, not for answers.In response to the high
expense and poor outcomes of primary and secondary schools relative to
their counterparts in other countries.
The U.S. however, has one of
the best higher education systems in the world. Important contributing
factors to this excellence
seem to be that this system admits on
tested merit,
supported by a large base of paying studentsaffording
it the best teachers and researchers, and has nearly perfect student
choice—leading to poor institutions losing funding.

The "Khufu ship", a 43.6 m long vessel sealed into a pit in the Giza
pyramid complex at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza around 2,500
is a full-size surviving example which may have fulfilled the
symbolic function of a solar barque.
The principal component of the
Solar System is the Sun or Sol, (astronomical symbol );
a main
sequence G2 star that contains 99.86% of
the system's known mass and
dominates it gravitationally. Because of its large mass, the Sun has
an interior density high enough
to sustain nuclear fusion, releasing
enormous amounts of energy,
most of which is radiated into space in
the form of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light.